Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day off!

So its the fiscal year end at work and we busted our butts to do a great job. Sooooo, the boss gave us the day off! Last night I had a headache from hell and went to sleep around 7:45. I woke up and made breakfast since I already got 12 hours of sleep and there was no need to "sleep in". First I put some bacon in a pan and then I accidentally dropped the spatula behind the oven. I climbed on the cabinet and tried to get the spatula with tongs and I realized how gross it was back there. so then I pulled the oven out and swept and picked up the spoon and stuff from back there. Then ooops, the oven was off because the plug is wonky. So after trying and trying I had to get scott up to help. We eventually duct taped the plug in and pretended its not a fire hazzard and finished cooking breakfast. Then we got back in bed and had breakfast in bed! So a painful start to a nice finale of cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon!

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