Friday, October 16, 2009

Pete and Ashley's wedding quilt

This one was fun to do! I am trying not to buy new fabric unless I absolutely have to so it gives me more incentive to get crazy. This quilt has 4 different black fabrics in 6 inch squares making up the main body. Then i machine appliqued a variety of fabrics in polka dots. I used star wars fabrics, airplanes, fried chicken, playing cards, and lots of things with hearts. Along the edge is music notes, tattoo fabrics and more airplanes. I tried to capture items they both like and make it fun and bright even though it has a lot of black. The quilting was fun, i just did a meandering wave that zig-zags through the whole thing consistently. I think its looks very modern and whimsical yet not too sterile.

PS- sorry for the slacker photos but I couldn't find anywhere to hang it except for in front of the windows. One day I will finish painting and can hang curtain rods again and use those to hang quilts on for photos.