Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweens past

Last night I went to a party at my boss's house. Now, normally Halloween is anything goes, but at the boss's house I need to behave right? I decided tonight's Lady Gaga getup was inappropriate because well, it is. You can't go to the boss's house with no pants. So I decided to hit the old Halloween bin in the attic. I almost whipped out the super sober girl costume but it isn't as fun when super Drunk girl isn't there to battle with you. I thought about being a mummy but didn't have it in my to have my face covered much. The chicken was awesome, but it needs to hold out and maybe make a comeback in a year or so. That left a really good, comfortable option. Madonna. I got my lace gloves on and decked myself out in jewelry and teased my hair until it cried. This pic is from an 80's party Angee and i went to about 5 years ago but yes, I looked pretty much the same last night. You can't see the lace skirt with leggings and white socks and flats but they were there. Anyway, I get to the party and well, lots of people didn;t know who I was. Seriously? Thank GOD I wasn't Lady Gaga last night because the generation gap would have been even larger. Someone asked if I was Cruella since I had a jacket inspired by Desperately Seeking Susan. Sigh...I better stick with obvious things at the boss's next dress up party I guess.

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'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

The Lady Gaga costume was AWESOME. All the costumes at that party were pretty amazing. I wish I knew all your friends!