Friday, October 9, 2009

My two latest baby quilts

So I finished these two quilts this week. I rented the long-arm quilt machine at Ren Hen fabrics to work on my friend's wedding gift and when i finished ahead of schedule I was able to set these two up and quilt them. I got to use the new awesome machine and it goes much much faster. This allowed me time to get fancy and make puffy little clouds on the airplane quilt. I had a lot of fun and of course when I was almost to the end I decided to retrace the cloud bottoms to give them more oomph! It turned out really nice but required a lot of attention so i didn't zoom away.
The pink quilt is just using my regular meander than I love so much. One day I will have 12,000 spare dollars to buy a machine for myself. For now i will just keep the Ren Hen in business by renting theirs!

1 comment:

Michele said...

Awesome work! Have you ever made an adult-sized baby quilt? All the sweet colors make me sleepy. :)