Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Postcard Swap

I recently participated in the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. I am retarded and either I missed the theme or I am blind, or both!
Look how beautiful the card i received is! It is hanging on my bulletin board at work right now!
The theme was apparently "time" but I just made a little monster. I was having issues with materials and inspiration so I'm sorry to whoever got mine. Also, was I supposed to mail it as a postcard or in an envelope for someone else to use? I always have received these things as postcards so when the lovely spot of tea showed up I instantly felt bad and thought i should re-do it. Now, looking at the examples I am embarrassed to put this on here but what the heck. mine is the ugly one that is second.

Go look at the beautiful examples that I will not add my ugly one to.

Oh, and look at my maily partner's review!


Beth Nicholls said...

Hi Lori

I think your little monster is cute and your post here made me laugh out loud

Thanks so much for joining in.

Hope you will do it again next time!


Robin Norgren said...

Lori! you are so cute! Girlfriend I loved my card! The fun part for me is we just moved to Germany and I had just experienced a HARSH WINTER after moving from Arizona! I found your card to be FUNNY AND IRONIC! So very good to meet you, Robin