Saturday, November 24, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass

So my "vacation" is nearing an end. In the past week + I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of TV that i have watched. Perhaps the pain pills helped, but I think I would have enjoyed it just as much without them.
I'm all caught up on ANTM previous cycles. I'm hooked on A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila, I rewatched the entire season of rock of Love and Heather WAS the right one for Bret, he was just scared. MTV lied when they said "watch this Wednesday to see who gets kicked out of the house on the Real World Sydney". Let me tell you, I took time out of my busy schedule and I chose to maintain my relationship with the Real world instead of watching a fresh episode of one of the Law and Orders. and guess what? Those assholes lied! NO ONE got kicked off the Real world. Of course, we now know that Trisha -or whatever the blond whore's name is- pushed Prissa -or whatever the Indian or Pakistani or whatever nationality whore's name is- and Prissa gets to decide whether the blond whore is kicked off. I think she should have her booted because then the other brown haired sluts will be soooo mean to her and it will be worth watching.
Back on topic- last night I watched 6 episodes of some awesome show called Cold Case. That show and Without a Trace are my new Law and Orders although Law and Order is still awesome.
In addition to copious amounts of TV, I have also been sewing like mad! I have holes in my fingers from sewing them to things (thanks a lot percocet). I also managed to eat about 25 pounds of chocolate, cookies, cake, and candies. The Maribou Biscuit is one of the all time best chocolate bars EVER! So f-in good! Besides the TVm chocolate, and sewing, I've been enjoying a nap here and there and everywhere. I have managed to break the record today and as of this moment I have actually stayed awake for 5 hours and 48 minutes. That said, I'm going off to nap right now!


Debbie said...

oh honey...i think you might need to get out of the house soon...but i, too, watched the real world in anticipation after we spoke. i might even write mtv to bitch them out.

Sara Salmongirl said...

I am SO with you on the Heather front. I bet she'll make a return appearance on Rock of Love 2- oh there are good days of VH1 marathons ahead!