Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Radish Incident of 2007

So, I went to get my surgery and they ask "have you eaten anything since midnight?" Of course, being a dummy, I answered truthfully, "yes, but it was TINY! It was a teeny tiny piece of radish. I was in the yard and noticed that the radishes were ready and I bit the tip off one and ate it."
That being said, the nurse went to talk it over with the doctors. "We're sorry, we have to cancel your surgery"
I begged and pleaded and the nurse offered for me to talk with the anesthesiologist. I explained that it really was the tiniest piece of radish and it was completely unintentional. He told me about some lady who said she had "a bite" of chicken which was actually a thigh and drumstick so he had to be absolutely sure. Its not that they're afraid I'll poop myself. If I was lying it could make me choke to death on my own vomit and well, I didn't want that either.
So I assured all doctors I was telling the truth and as a compromise, they bumped me to last in line. That meant sitting in the back with an IV, hungry as an ethiopian baby in the 80's, wearing horrible hospital issue underwear and a gown, watching episode after episode of America's Next top Model from 12:30 to 6:00pm. Scott was a trooper and sat with me most of the time.
I'm glad I got it done. Now that I have told you the embarrassing radish story, I will go back to bed. Later today i will try to post some awesome pictures! But maybe not.

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