Monday, November 5, 2007

When Craft disaster strikes

It all happened 2 days ago. It was a beautiful day outside, the birds were chirping, fall leaves tumbled about in the street. It was time for my friend Ted to start thinking about making Christmas presents.

Ted gathered wood, and he gathered a jigsaw. He was in Lowe's and scooped up a quart sized can of stain to finish off his gifts. Then, as he was perusing the hardware aisle, disaster struck! The can flew out of his hand and though he dove and struggled to catch it, the can hit the ground with a clang heard for aisles over. Stain splashed everywhere- waist high on his pants, all over the display, all over the floor. Warm woody brown.

Being a good person, he alerted the staff so it could possibly be cleaned before permanent damage was done. Can you believe a Lowe's employee was mean to him about it too?

Anyway, after the horror of the spilled stain, he still went about his day, happily created the new and improved OVEN SQUIRREL!!!!! Behold! This magical creation helps pull hot pans out of the oven, and can also scrape icky ook off the rack! Next time you cook a freezer pizza you'll wish you had one of these!


Anonymous said...

No one has commented on the hilarious story that Lori has written. So I will.

For Real Real, not for Play Play.

Chimera Crochet said...

I like the little graphics you have made also! Everything to do with the oven squirrels is just as fun as the squirrels themselves!!