Thursday, November 1, 2007


So last night I celebrated Halloween by procrastinating crafts and sewing for fun filled Chicken times. I wrapped myself in my chicken costume once again and ran around East Atlanta to see all of the kids in their costumes. I accidently scared a few and intentionally chased a couple. It was all in good fun. Oh, and I entered a costume contest at Haas Bar but was robbed by the buttefly catcher family. I would have entered at the Graveyard as well, but I thought I would give other people a chance to win. Hahah, I actually just knew I couldn;t handle defeat twice in one evening with the BEST COSTUME EVER!
So, after running around frolicking as a chicken, I got home and instantly fell UP the stairs. I don;t drink so its not like I was wasted or anything. I was simply running up the stairs and Turkey got under the chickens feet. Turkey is pictured above. Her full name is Turkey Chicken-Bone Murderface III. She's cute for an asshole. Anyway, my knee is killing me right now.
For the three of you reading this, come to Youngblood tonight and buy krafts!


Anonymous said...

I like chocolate covered potato chips

Claire said...

i'm reading this but i don't think i can make it to atlanta tonight. saw-ree.