Monday, March 9, 2009

Eggroll is weady to wok!

Eggroll went to the vet this weekend. She had rice coming out of her butthole and any animal owner should know that this means tapeworms. So I finally wrangled her and got her in the car. She was very unhappy in her harness and more so in the car. She got used to it but once we got to the vet she tried to hide in the back window. Then she tried to throw a fit and spaz out so she was carried into the vet.
Once inside she was great. Nervous but very well behaved. She got pricked, prodded, anally violated, and not once did she growl or show any aggression. They even stood her on her hind legs and shave her lower belly looking to see if she had been spayed. You would think buzzy clippers to her belly would make her squirm but no, she just looked quizzically at the vet like "what is this weird thing you are doing?"
I did find out she has heartworms so we have to prepare for that. This means she will get 2 or 3 shots of arsenic. This kills the worms and then I will need to keep her calm and not let her heartrate elevate. If she starts playing too much then too many dead worms can pass out of her heart and into her system and kill her. Otherwise her checkup was pretty good!

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