Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow fun

So we had a snow day the other day but of course it was a Sunday. I woke and it was like 60 degrees outside and rainy. The weatherman had said snow but I'm always doubtful as this is Georgia. Then the temperature dropped and the rain turned to snow. I brought Eggroll inside and I decided it was a good day to lay in bed and read all day. I didn't really think it would stick but a short while later it was coming down! I waited until there was a nice covering in the yard and let the dogs out. At first they were like "no way!" but then they realized it wouldn't hurt them. Turkey loves eggroll so much that she didn;t care that her paws were wet from the slushy snow. Then she decided to stand in the cold lake that my backyard was becoming.

One of the big bummers about Georgia is the snow people. There is always a valiant effort made, but they usually suck. People have to scrape and shave the ground of all of its snow in order to create the big snowball. So what results is usually a rock hard ball of ice with grass, dirt and pinestraw all mixed in. Then of course the next day it is 65 degrees again so it all melts away as fast as it appeared. But thats okay because i'm ready for Spring!

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