Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twilight- Now available on DVD

So this past weekend I got to go to a slumber party! Melissa was celebrating the Twilight DVD release and she kicked her boyfriend out for the night and invited her closest 8 girlfriends! Its too bad my camera battery died. I only have pics of us doing each other's makeup and nails and eating cookies and brownies. I didn't get any pictures of the pillow fights in our tiny nighties or when we did skin treatments and then showered together.

Oh, and yes Scott said "really?!!!" when I told him thats what we did.

Anyway, the movie is okay, and definitely watchable on DVD but I think Melissa is crazy for watching it 9 times in the theater and who knows how many times at home. She's writing a dissertation on it and apparently she'll talk about mormons and how they relate. Go get em! Knock'em dead(ish).

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