Thursday, March 5, 2009

How much do you need?

Recently I went to our lay-off dinner. That's where a group of us get together every few weeks and enjoy a meal with friends who used to be coworkers. Only those who were laid off are invited but sometimes we invite others that know we were awesome and they should have kept us. Yes, only one or two others joins us.
Anyway, we went to Manuel's tavern. My friend love love loves that place. The food's decent but its not worth all the trips she makes me take there. And you would think she would get tired of it since its right across the street from her. But I digress-what I want to ask is "why so much ketchup?" They really provide an obscene amoutn of ketchup on each table. 3 bottles. THREE. I really can't imagine the table using one whole battle in a day, much less three! Additionally, i think ketchup is gross. Actually its Gross with a capital G.

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Michele said...

Ketchup is disgusting! I can do cocktail sauce, though. Does that make me a lush?