Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alien 4 minus the alien

Real live alien 4 happened today. Maybe its 5. I don't know how far the movies went up to. Anyway, as lots of you know, Lanie had surgery over a week ago. She's been doing great, enjoying her clean teeth and her new svelt figure from having a tumor removed. So the tumor was in the muscle so they had to really work to get it all. She had a fluid pocket, much like swelling after lots of surgeries and a lot of staples. We went to the vet to get her staples out Friday and she was such a champ. They got her to lay down and slowly pulled them all out. One by one and then they brought her out to me. She was so frisky and happy to see me and she jumped up, gave me a kiss, and then shook it all out. You know, like when they get done with a bath. She was so happy to be free of her cone head and shook shook shook. during this shaking is when IT happened. Her wound burst open and exploded gore all over the floor of the waiting room/ lobby. It was like a can of tomato soup was dumped everywhere. It was sick as shit. All the people (and there were a lot) in the waiting room had looks or horror, terror, or disgust. Then we had to rush her and her new pocket to the back and she spurted every time she took a step. I got to keep her calm while the doctor tended to her. We put her up on the table and they squeezed the rest of the tomato snot gore goop out and then stitched her up. She was so good and my little angel deserves a medal even though she was oblivious to the excitement or grody-ness of the whole situation. Than GOD that didn't happen in the car!
So, then Sunday Kevin calls and says she tore a stitch out. He neglected to say you can see the muscle and silverskin stuff and should go to the vet ASAP. So I get home, hang out and then notice the gaping wound. Back in the car we go. On the way to the car she exploded again! All over the sidewalk. So the vet wrapped her up real tight light a little burrito and we redid the bandages Monday. So today she is back to the vet getting a drain put in. Apparently the weight of the fluid buildup keeps dragging her down and ripping that thing open. BLECH!
By the way, for some reason the computer won't let me turn the pink burrito picture around.

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soozinsta said...

Dude, grody to the max! But also scary to see your poor puppy's innards!