Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Construction progresses

I'm already tired of fixing things. Brian finally paid me almost all of the rent he owed but I still think he's an ass for letting the place be a trashheap and attract roaches and mice and spiders and crap. All he had to do was ask to fix things and keep it clean and it would be cute enough for 450 a month including utilities. Anyway...whatever. Now we have work to do.
So far we have ripped all of the carpet out and some of the carpet tack nail thingies. The linoleum/ vinyl flooring in the bathroom has been ripped out. We got a window put in and the whole wall is re-sheetrocked. Travis even put in a phone nook shelf thingie where Brian had punched a hole in the wall.
Next in line is a new front door, a pocket door in the bathroom, rip the walls out of the bathroom and clean clean clean.


Claire said...

who is this amazing travis person and/or will he marry me???

Anonymous said...

Ohhh does he have a boyfriend? Cause I could be available.