Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have no new pictures right now but will try my best to put some up tomorrow. For now you can see cute Lanie waiting for a car ride.

The tiny house is coming along. I told Travis to finish the windows and the trim in the living room and I'll go ahead and paint it this weekend. We're also going to try to finish a bedroom so we can shove everything in there for now. Its too cluttered.

Lanie is still not healed up. She went to the vet yesterday and they took a sample to make sure it isn't Drug resistant staph. She still has a dime sized hole in her side and now I get to put drops in it twice a day. The drops are like liquid maggots in that they eat the dead cells and promote healing. BLECH!
Tomorrow i will tell you about the Strut on Saturday. It was a blast!


Claire said...

haha, trim.

soozinsta said...

I love that people have signed Lanie's cone! I hope she's better soon!

Tori LaConsay said...

I have a "comfy cone" That I bought for a buddy's dog a while back...he didn't really need it, d'ya think Lanie could use it?