Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fishy quilt

Back to basics. I sew you know, so I thought I should share one of my latest and greatest. I got crazy when I was given the topic of "fish". It turned out fantastic and the flippers are 3 D and actually flip. Oh and one fish is upside down and swimming top gun style over the other fish. The funky zebra print fish is my favorite. I wish you could see up close how awesome the quilting was on it. You can see some of the bubbles coming out of the mouth but its hard to see the scales I quilted in. Sorry the pics don't do it justice but its hard to get good shots of thread.
Oh, and if anyone wants to commission one, let me know now because Christmas is coming and you can't ask for one the week before. Well, you can ask but most likely it won't get done.


soozinsta said...

Dude. The quilting is genius! The bubbles and the waves are badass.

Tori LaConsay said...

Hot shit! That quilt is BO-DAY-SHUS.

P.S. I have a niece or nephew cooking in my sister-in-law's tummy. We need to brainstorm an awesome baby quilt I can commission from you. Or, if you want maybe I can buy materials and we can trade your talents for my closet cleanin'! Yee-ha!