Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funfest continued

I forgot to mention the beauty pageant at the Gwinnett County Fair. Its hard to get a great picture because it was so crowded and we had to sit way in the back but this is the lineup for Junior Miss Gwinnett County. The dress styles really haven;t changed much since i was in high school a million years ago. Julie Bradshaw, my 8th grade BFF used to always be in them. But she wasn't a cheerleader so she didn't win.

I'll skip to Saturday because I can;t remember what I wrote in my last post. Saturday we got up and went to dim sum. We ate the most ridiculous amount of food and it was all so good. Well, the weird meatball thing was odd but still acceptable. Claire loves shrimp by the way. After dim sum we went to Stone Mountain. I thought it was important to see the world's largest piece of unearthed granite and the largest confederate memorial. She was impressed as we rode the tram to the top and hung out. Luckily it wasn't too too hot but it was hot enough to reward our efforts with a slushie. We went to the mall and then Atlantic Station next. Have you been to H&M? Its okay but its not great. I'm still trying to figure out why everyone loves it so much. Forever 21 is cheaper but everyone isn't beating their doors down. We relaxed after all of that with some chips and cheese dip and a wonderful episode of Tru Blood. What an excellent show. Look for it! You know its good if I watched that instead of I Love Money. That night we went to an art show and then to the Gravity Pub. We got to hang out with Angee and Derek and Mike and it was fun and low key and even included cheese fries and wings! YUM!

Sunday we slept in and then had Vietnamese. It was delicious and my system was very happy to have a variety of nationality's foods put in it. We then went to the Cyclorama. Never been there? You should. Its the world's largest oil painting on canvas. Its huge and the room spins so you get history AND a ride. We shopped and relaxed all day and then I sadly had to send Claire home. It was a fantastic visit and really kept my mind off the stresses of the tiny house, the East Atlanta Strut* and Lanie**.

*Saturday- come see me at my booth!

**she's doing okay even though she busted again. Just a little bit. She'll be fine (one day).

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