Monday, October 6, 2008


So the past two weekends I have gone climbing. Not the kind where you need special equipment or helmets or anything although an escalator would have been nice. No, last weekend Susie and I climbed Stone Mountain. Its the world's largest piece of unearthed granite and I climbed it for the first time. Its funny, I've live in Atlanta or its suburbs my whole entire life and never climbed it until now. Boy was it a doozie for my untrained muscles that prefer to be stationary. But with a few small breaks I made it! Do you know how embarrassing it is to see fat old people go trucking by like its nothing while you gasp on the sidelines? Yeah, its an ugly thing. Oh, and whoever came up with the idea for a gumpole of disease is a gross nasty person and so is everyone who has since contributed.
So that was last weekend and this past weekend I went on an awesome adventure too! I took a walk with my roommate and the dogs at this bird sanctuary. It was a nice paved path and very mild. Lanie is still all wrapped up and stitched up and wearing her shirt and bootie but she was having a balst! We eventually came to the end of the path and then wandered along a foot path around the swamp (as a side note, the swamp is actually trash juice from the dump but the juice has percolated through the ground so its not stinky like trash). Then we headed up and along some train tracks. We crossed a creek and the had to climb a huge huge hill. It was awesomely difficult but once we got to the top there was a stone quarry! Not the kind in movies that we would swim in but a big barren hole in the ground that they were making sand from. We saw a huge deer leaping among the brush way down at the bottom of the cliff. The weather was perfect and it was tons of fun! Oh, and its only like 3 miles from my house!


Anonymous said...

Number one for awesome!~

Tori LaConsay said...

Duuude. Last time I went to Stone Mountain was with Pierre. We were almost to the top when a really large girl was stuck and couldn't make it up further and couldn't go down. I felt sad for her...I know that must have been embarassing.

Pierre and I carried her to the top. It was kind of scary, but I kind of felt like we deserved Smokey the Bear Medals or coloring books or something. Heck, even a few extra seconds at the water fountain would have been dope.

Tori LaConsay said...

Oh. P.S. I used urine-gone on the cat tee. It worked!