Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Uncomfortable questions at work

A couple of coworkers came out of the conference room a few minutes ago. I overheard "you can always run it by Cassie or Lori, they could answer your questions." I knew I heard my name so I pursued the coworker and asked what they needed. Maybe I was being helpful, maybe just nosy, but I got to the bottom of it quickly: feminine hygiene product dispensers. I was directed to the other coworker who was the original question asker.
I stepped right up and said "don't bother, those things are always empty when you need the item the most, and then you put your 50 cents in and you're even angrier". He stopped me there and clarified that they wanted to know where the feminine hygiene DISPOSAL went. Ooops! Well, thats a whole other issue of anger. I told him that usually they're a silver metal box near the tissue dispenser but those things suck and he should really encourage the owner of the building to just get a service that puts a little can in the back corner of the bathroom because those silver boxes never have liners and "women can be the most disgusting creatures EVER!" I tried to be tactful but talking about women's plumbing and the disposal of products for such events is gross and uncomfortable with your male coworker that you don't talk about these things with.
Tomorrow I'll give you the blog I was going to give you today!

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