Friday, October 10, 2008

More Freakshow Banners

Last night was craft night. This is one of my favorite nights of the month. Its always a great bunch of ladies and sometimes a gentleman or Chris (thats a joke). Chris is quite nice and Diana is lucky to have found a guy that will craft with her. My boyfriend is not into it and thinks he has no skills. Sigh...what a sad life- no crafting abilities. Anyway, last night we worked on banners some more. I had already prepped mine with the background so it was all ready to go.
I don't know if you can really see it but there is blood splatter on the policeman/bellboy's face from the decapitation. Yeah, I know, what IS wrong with me?! Anyway, someone should be a giant human eating rat for Chris and Diana's party. Additionally, Kathleen created this masterpiece of "quarterman". Its odd, he was called quartman but there was actually a full half. I guess they didn't fractions back in the olden days.


Michele said...

I think those banners are much too lovely for a single party. A weekend bender is in order! ;p (I'm sure Diana and Chris would love that idea.)

Diana said...

I really hope you don't plan on keeping that rat banner. I'll cut a bitch.

soozinsta said...

I found my costume for their party this weekend. Items were purchased from Big Lots. That's all I'm sayin'.