Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I hate rain, but I love freakshows!

Its rainy out and all I want to do is sleep. I think I'm depressed. Maybe I'll make some goth art tonight. My boyfriend is being lame, my house is a hell hole of disgust because no one will help me, my dog is still wearing the cone, a shirt, and a booty. The tiny house is at stop and I'm getting no rent from it and life is just tiring. I'm tired of taking care of everyone and no one taking care of me.

On a more positive note I will tell you about my fun sunday. Last Sunday a few of us met at Diana's house to create awesomeness. Diana is having a party on Halloween with the theme of Victorian Freak Show. I am going to be (read this like a carny) "The head of a beautiful woman, the body of an ugly snake!". Obviously its really Madonna. We painted lots of awesome banners to hang on the fences. There's "The big Show" and my snake woman. I plan to make one for "the world's largest rat". Sarah made a very complex one that wasn;t finished when I left but it will be rad. There was one with two reptile frog people and it was hilarious because it exclaimed "They are married!". Blockhead and Half Man/Half Woman were excellent as well. Oh my goodness this will be fantastically executed halloween decor.


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Sara Ashes said...

omg, we're doing a carnival/circus/freakshow themed party on November 1st for Day of the Dead- is her party on actual Halloween? Y'all could get double use of the costumes... :)

zeppo said...

Hey I can help you with your house!
I would actually like to do it.
Name the day, I can swing a hammer, or mallet or dead fish like nobody's business.