Friday, October 31, 2008

Jim Rose Circus review

So yesterday I got free tickets to the Jim Rose Circus. I remember the old days when the circus was basically a freak show with The Enigma and the cat face dude. There were tattoo face circus punks who ate lightbulbs and stuff and just weirdos. But I love that stuff. So yesterday, when the opportunity arose, I said yes I want to go!!!!
Well, the show started out with DJ Hawg-Tied who is awesome and then some crappy radio style band that should play cheesy beer commercials. When the actual circus crew began their act it started with a menagerie of hot choreographed chicks and a few freak show-ish people doing a little intro with Welcome to the Jungle playing. Then they brought out act after act: Mark the knife from Israel, Melody Sweets doing burlesque and she is allegedly from Italy. Kenichi the awesome breakdancer and more. But the whole time it was soooooo commecialized. Oh, lets cut up this apple in a man's mouth with a chainsaw, oh look! He cut 2 x's, dos equis, get it?! The whole night was seeming like a Dos Equis commercial and I concluded that Jim Rose was a sell-out and his "circus" was crap. But then came Leonid. He is truly living up to his name. He does an amzing hula hoop act and the smile plastered on his face lets you know why he is the grand finale...he is 7 feet of amazing awesomeness.
Tori and I left feeling satisfied that we went and all because of Kenichi and Leonid. Otherwise the show was pretty much a commercial. Oh, and the people there sucked most! There were so many douchebags that it was hard to not get sick. And to the two tattoo boys (Braids and the Mouth) smoking cigars were the worst! Who smokes a cigar in a club for 2 HOURS!!!!!! It does not make you look cool. It makes you suck.

Now, when I got home I went to sleep. Tori on the other hand had some investigating to do:
If you look through the program from the show, it says that Mark the Knife is from Israel. Try Illinois (according to his myspace). Also, they found him on America's Got Talent...just like Leonid. And Melody Sweets? Not from Italy. LIARS!I can't find any dirt on Kenichi...but Leonid is definitely from far away. AS IT TURNS OUT...these performers ARE NOT from Jim Rose's usual stable of talent (just like we suspected).These folks were hired by Dos Equis, who is doing this nationwide tour as a marketing scheme (which you knew already given how many times they plugged the product.) And the reason no one paid for tickets? Because you don't have to. Dos Equis foots the bill for all of it.
We both feel duped at having to sit through a 3 hour Dos Equis commercial. But Leonid was super rad! Pretty much everyone was from America's Got Talent but it was still a bit much.

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Tori LaConsay said...

I swear I checked your blog this morning and I did not see this very important entry. I think my browser was messing with me.

I am happy that you're spreading the truth to the masses. AND I am pretending that Leonid is actually handing ME the bouquet of flowers in that second photo.