Sunday, June 8, 2008

Changi village and pulau ubin

Today we went to Changi. Its a tiny ramshackle town area where the boats to Pulau Ubin converge and depart. We ae some vendor booth foods immediately upon arrival. I had some steamed dumpling type things and scott ae some fish and chicken and rice concoction. Everything so far has benn close to delicious if not actually delicious. Scott's brother is one of the most finicky (sp?) people in the world. Seriously, I thought I was bad. But he's making due and not starving to death.
So after some food we caught the ferry to Pulau Ubin. The ferry should have sank. It was a scary number with peely paint and scrapped together benchs. The limit per ferry is 12 passengers and there were 14 at one point. Thats not too many so I was okay with it. It wasn't like those busses in India with goats and chickens and people hanging off of the sides. The exhaust almost killed me though. As its motor struggled along I coughed and coughed. Seriously, the engine sounded like a jackhammer outside of your bedroom window after a hard night of drinking. Pulau Ubin is a small island off Singapore and it is like falling into the 50's apparently. I believe the island is a national park but maybe only parts of it are. We rented bikes along with everyone else and took off on a small adventure. My bosses would be proud that I went mountian biking on vacation and didn' get hurt! Well, we don't know if we have Malaria yet but we did indeed forget bugspray. A lot of tin huts line the paths and everything is rusty and old. Its truly awesome though. We rode all over and made our way to an awesome wetland area. The parents and Lenny Jr opted out of the strenuous climb to get there so Scott and I did it on our own. At the end of a long and gruelling climb there was a tower to look out over the water. Spectacular. Its cool being above the tree line. Then we walked across the path to see the jetty and the welcome center. The welcome center was very well done with informational displays about the wildlife and a big aquarium for rehabilitating injured sealife. The birds around there were crazy too. One sounded like Mariah Carey stuck on a high note but uop in the trees. And maybe it WAS Mariah Carey up in the trees but I couldn't spot her. Fresh coconut milk is gross.
Oh, after the island we went to the Changi prison museum. Apparently the Japanese were real assholes to Singapore during world war II.
Thats all I've got for now. I'm going to rest up before the night adventures.
Claire, to answer your question go to to see dragon boats. It should be on there. And Scott said hi.


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Sounds amazing!!!

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But who is Lenny Jr?

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