Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today we got up and went shopping. I finally have all the crap I am going to buy. Well, unless I buy more fabric. Today we went to the art museum and saw some exhibit that Scott wanted to see. I forget the dude's name. Anyway it was cool and when we were finished there we went to little India and Arab Street. It was sooooo nice. It was storefront after storefront of fabric. Most was Sari fabric and silks but there were a few shops with cotton batiks. I bought a ton of them. Its not fantastic stuff but its still fantastic to me!
Muhammed at the rug store was kickass! He gave us many free waters and then sold me a rug for 50 sing dollars. That would be 35 dollars US and it has machine guns and grenades and helicopters and stuff. Then he only charged me 45 dollars! It ended up being about 32 bucks. Its a sweet deal. Its not huge, but its kickass.
My dogs are killing me so goodbye! Thailand tomorrow! But aparently the seas are rough so we may not get to go to the phi phi islands. Damn. Even if we're just in phucket it will be rad!


T-Dogg said...


T-dogg said...

PS Claire is hysterical!!!

Claire said...

lllllllllori, just before i read this i had a moment of enlightenment where i said to myself, "self, i bet lori is shitting herself about all the awesome fabric she can buy on vacation," and then you posted about all the awesome fabric you're buying on vacation! SYNCHRONICITY!

ps - i'm cute, too!