Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 1

We did some sightseeing today. It was rainy all day so that put a damper on things. We did some driving around town and saw some neat things. We went and had lunch at a food court. I ate at the booth next to fish ball soup and got a duck and rice concoction and some wonton-y things. Afterwards, mostly we shopped. We went to this crazy mall, actually all malls are some sort of crazy, but the mall we went to was electronics only. Its HUGE and everywhere are people trying to get you to buy their camera or i-phone or other gadgets. Oh, and in the same mall was the dirty sex toy shop. I didn't go in but I took some pics of gadgets in the window. heheh. We went to an awesome music store where the awesome salesperson taught us all about everything. Seriously. He was super cool and patient and loved teaching us about gongs and guitars and flutes and he let me wear a dragon head and it was awesome. Later we went to a different mall and looked around. The place was filled with incense and the salespeople are much more aggressive than I'm used to. My jet lag caught up and I had to nap after a bit. When i got up we went to dinner. It was a place like Ciao Baby in Alanta where you collect your veggies and noodles and meats and then the sauces and then they cook it for you. It was very pricey but I think it was mostly due to location- it was in a fancy complex that reminds me of the Hard Rock complex in Ft. Lauderdale or Underground in Atlana (but fancy, not seedy). I ae fish balls in my noodle bowl concoction. It was good! Later, after dinner Scott and I went to Chinatown. His brother and father wanted to go see Kung Foo Panda but I didn't fly for 26 hours to go to he movies. So we caught a Trike-shaw, the bicycle rickshaw, and went to chinatown. I think thats where the dirt in Singapore goes. This town is sparkly clean except there. Scott went to a bathroom and someone shat right on the floor in a pile of tissue. Um, sir, they provide a hole with water to take that icky away. Chinatown is like booth after booth of exactly the same stuff. I did smell a Durian fruit though. BLECH! It does smell like wha I imagine a dead 89 year old womans underwear would smell like. Vomit! And people eat that! I'm beat. No more from me.


Debbie said...

you'll get accustomed to the durian smell. people eat them everywhere. ew.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

LORI!!! You're in SINGAPORE!!! You lucky little hooker! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I hope you post ALL the pictures some where!

Have you seen a lot of Hello Kitty stuff and cool shoes? Those are two things I wanna go there for! I'm so jealous! Be careful...keep some $$ in your boobs just in case and have tons 'o fun! I can't wait to read more!!!