Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chili Crab

Its 3am and I can't sleep. Last night we went to a french Walmart-ish store called Carrefour. Its huge and well stocked with lots of walmart-esque items. Funny thing is that they still didn't have anything awesome. They had awesome stuff buth nothing distinctly awesome enough to bring home. Well, I kinda wanted the 21 dollar tent which would have been like 16 dollars US money. After that we went to some seafood restaurant called Long Beach. They had some seriosuly crazy seafood but no seahorse. Our waiter and apparently the whole staff understoof about 3 words of english. It was awesome but the family hated it. Scott order something called chili crab and its basically a crap with all of the insides scooped out of the shell and blended up into a gravy of sorts and then poured over the shell and the other parts to make the hugest bowl of mess ever. It was super spicy to me so I only had a teeny portion. I instead had live drunken prawn which was a bowl of monster shrimp, 2 sizes bigger than super jumbo shrimp. They bring a bowl of live prawns to the table, pour a shot of liquor in, swirl them around and then run away and cook them, heads and all. Scotts poor brother is going to starve here. He had a chicken dish and nothing else. He hates scary food.

So let me tell you about the super futuristic state of the art everything here. You buy this card at the gas station (7-11's are everywhere). You insert the little credit card like thing into he card reader in your car. Each car has one. When you go to parking decks, a machine reads the cards and when you leave it automatically deducts the fee. The same thing happens on pay roads. It just magically deducts it and you never have to stop. So in the parking decks they have sensors at each space. If the space is empty there is a green light and if its full there is a red light. Blue is for handicapped. The garage won't open the gate if there are no available spaces. But when one comes up, the gate opens and the signs direct you to the openings!!! Its so cool!

Tomorrow we get up early and meet the luxury coach at 9:30ish to go to Kuala Lumpur. We will ry to see the Petronas towersand the Batu caves. I imagine there will be a good deal of walking around just looking at everything. I probably won't be computerized so I may not be able to update for the next couple of days.



carrie faye said...

please don't turn into a robot before you return. i am loving these updates. pictorial supplements are much awaited!

Ted said...

Please do not try to sky dive off of the petronas towers...

Yes - cannot wait for photographs!!!

Anonymous said...

All sounds very exciting. Can't wait to hear more and see pics!

- Susie

Anonymous said...

I miss you Lori.


Claire said...

Look, in reading these travelogues I'm starting to worry about your feet. Are you taking care of them? Have you gotten any fancy ocean view spa treatments? Are you drinking plenty of water and using sunscreen? Scott's brother sounds like a real pussy and I don't care if he hears me say so. What a waste of amazing cuisine.