Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For my architect friends

I forgot to tell you all about the awesome urban planning exhibition they have here. Its a 2 floor exhibit with so many informative panels about how and why the city is like it is. The first big attraction is the model of the whole island that is on the first floor. Its cool to be able to pin point where pulau ubin is in relation to Scott's parent's house. Then on the floor above is a huge model of the actual city. It has the ferris wheel and all of the buildings are so amazingly well done. The mirrored buildings are even mirrored in the model. They have a light show that highlights certain areas and tell you all about the area.
Today is our last day here. I want a foot massage and to go to the mall. Thats not asking too much is it? I have at least 5 more pounds of space in my luggage.

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Chairman Mao said...

Sounds expensive. I bet the governement paid for that.