Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our last day here

I started out the day going back to Eng tiang huat, the music store. It was really cool even the second time. Then we went to meet Scott's dad for lunch. We went to a mall food court and had Carls Jr. It was 11.80 for a value meal! I had chicken tenders. Mmmmm. With the spicy chili sauce they're the bomb! Then we split off and I went shopping with Scott's mom. We hit the craft store and saw nothing fancy or different from the states and then just browsed mall after mall. Every super cool piece of clothing was super tiny as I am a giant. I am an XL if not an XXL. Its like shopping in the juniors department EVERYWHERE. We eventually worked our way to the foot massage place. I got a 40 minute foot massage to try and fix my tired dogs. It was wonderful even if I had to wash my feet. I didn't understand most of what they said and had to watch other people before I realized they were telling me to go wash my feet. The massage hurt at times but in the end my feet were 100% happier.

Tonight we went to accomplish Scott's last request. Scott was watching No Reservations back in the states and they were talking about bone soup. Its called Soup Toulong here and its actually a red gravy-like broth that is spicy and filled with red No. 5 to make it look like blood. Then it is filled with mutton bones. You chew the bits of meat off and then suck the marrow out. If you're ever here its in the basement of the Golden Mile food center. Make sure you don't go to the shopping center across the street because thats all karaoke and thai places. Oh and no one around there has great english so thank goodness there are pictures of all the food at each hawker stall. I sensibly ate wonton soup which came with a cup of broth. So far this trip it has been a chicken-y vegetable broth but this time is was fish broth. Mmmmm. Yuck.

After we finished our meals we had to clean scott up. He's still dyed red but its not too bad. Make a note to always bring wet wipes on vacation. When Scott asked for napkins they brought him a box of kleenex.

Next we took a cab to little india. It is exactly like I would expect India to be. It was hot and crowded with flower garlands everywhere and so many stores filled with crap trinkets. It was worth a visit but not as cool as china-town. We're back home now. We're packed and kicking our feet up. My flight is at like 8:30am and I'm looking forward to seeing friends family and most of all my puppies!


Ted said...


I'll stick with regulard chicken noodle soup please.

Safe travels! Can't wait to see you...

Claire said...

so are you not looking forward to seeing tang? or what?

i am so glad you have had such a good trip and i can't wait to talk to you when you are back in the U S OF A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c-faye said...

here's to hoping the trip home goes smoothly, and while U.S. Customs may ask you to remove your shoes, I hope they don't pickpocket you any of your foreign treasures!

carrie again said...

make that "OF any of your foreign treasures" sheesh... i messed up my own little joke.