Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our day with Daniel

I woke up dizzy this morning and after researching it, I have decided it was dengue fever and not malaria or typhoid. I'm waiting for the fever to kick in suddenly. Actually I have no idea what was going on except maybe I took two Mucinex instead of one. I also drank the last of my Robitussin so maybe I almost OD'd.
Well, once I got up and going we went to meet Daniel at his office. We immediately went to Chinatown and grabbed an AWESOME dimsum meal. Real dim sum in asia is the bomb! It actually was super similar to dim sum in Atlanta at Happy Valley. It wasn't weird or anything, just awesome. Daniel ordered for us and we were the only round eyes in the place. Luckily Danile was with us and ordered in Cantonese to make us legit and not get poisoned. Actually I think the cleanliness here is fantastic and haven't had a single problem with food and my tummy. Of course I brought ums, pepto bismol, and immodium AD like any prepared traveller would.
After lunch we went to the Budda's tooth relic. Apparently someone found a tooth once and decided it was Buddha's and they built a temple for it. Daniel thinks its a cow tooth as it is quite large and flat on top like a cud chewing cow. We will probably go to Buddhist hell for not believing. Anyway, the temple was impressive. You have to wear pants and cover your shoulders so Daniel had to say outside. We were going to go to the jungle so he wore shorts. Unfortunately the sky fell out so we got no jungle tour. We did go to a nice reservior to try and see monkeys but they don't hang out in the rain. Bummer. The military was doing exercises so there was a series of huge explosions but Daniel assured us that the artillery shells would not hit us.
We took a driving tour around the suburbs to see how the real people live. There aren't really any slums. We rode the subway and no one stole my camera this time because Singapore is awesome. And at every subway stop there is a mall. I'm telling you, this place is shopping paradise! Daniel brought me to a foodcourt where I could get a real fishball. It was really good! It was just like fish but rolled up, and on a stick. Scott got a soya which was like liquified soybeans. It wasn't good like choco-silk, it was just soy juice.
The last stop on our tour was the Images of Singapore Museum on Singapore. Its a fantastic exhibit that shows the history of Singapore. 150 years of life here displayed in lots of diaramas and photos. It was really well done and explained a lot with small blurbs that made it possible to actually read all of the markers AND get the just of things around here. Sentosa is basically an amusement park resort and EVERYTHING costs. It cost to get on the island and it cost to bring a car onto the island. But the single exhibit was well worht the adventure.
After we got home from our adventures with Daniel we went to the movies. The movie theater here is tha bomb! The seats are all luxurious. When you buy your ticket you get reserved seating. Oh and if you get food other than snacky things and popcorn they DELIVER it to your seat! Wild! We saw Get Smart. Oh, its not open there? Well, thats because I am living in the future. Its well worth seeing.
I've got to run. Night night!

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carrie said...

i am so impressed with your nonpicky eating this vacation. and i am dying to see all your pics! i shake my fist at that pickpocket who made off with the first round!