Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where I stay

So, Scott's parents have a nice condo on the 16th floor of a highrise. It has 3 bedrooms and quite the view of the harbor. You can see all the huge ships at port. I don't know anything about ships or I would tell you more, all I know is that they are large to huge in size.
Anyway, where we are staying has a really beautiful pool and a nice gym. The condo itself has its own bomb shelter! Traditionally the bomb shelter also doubles as the servants quarters. Its the size of a small to medium walk-in closet. I can't imagine living in it. But it does have a huge super thick door and could pass as a walk-in cooler. The servants room is right next to the tiny servants bathroom. It doesn't have hot water and the whole room is a shower with the toilet and sink in it.
Everyone takes a while to get ready and so I sit here, dressed and ready to go, watching TV and playing on the computer. Usually on vacaion this is a no-no, but I'll let it slide this time.

Today we plan to go to Changi village, whatever that is, and later to take a dragon boat ride through the harbor to see the big ships up close.

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