Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lori's Travel Tip

Avoid making eye contact with anyone asking for anything. Storekeepers will harass you until you buy, beggars will make you give up change just to get rid of them, and most importantly, monks will make you feel like you're going to hell. Scott's brother got snagged and his peace cost about 20 bucks. Those guys are good! He pulled out a list of donation and they were ridiculous, they were all the same amount, and all written in the same handwriting. Chances are the monk made that list. But Scott's brother did get peace and a bracelet and a little metal thingy.
The cabs will also try to get you. They'll ask if you want to see "so and so". It could be their brothers store, it could be a museum, it might be a factory (like the pewter, leather, or chocolate factories we were offered). Beware, this could be a 3 hour tour. And the reason they do this is to get a commission. so if I go to the pewter factory and spend 50 bucks they might get a fiver out of it. Plus they have an increased cab fare. Its a crazy world out there.

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